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Swim Metrics

  • Automatic Lap Counter

    In addition to using an accelerometer, the Swimmo Training Watch also detects your swim direction to count your laps with precision and without the need for professional turns.

  • Pace

    It is easy to identify and analyze your pace with Swimmo; giving you confidence you have the information you need to avoid slowing down during key moments of your workout.

  • Duration

    Sometimes you simply want to relax in the pool without overtraining. With Swimmo, you can check your workout duration at any point of the swim.

  • Distance

    The most popular goals among swimmers are often distance based. With Swimmo’s inbuilt high-precision lap counter, you’ll always know exactly how far you have swum in meters or yards.

Bio Metrics

  • Calories You have Burned

    Swimmo provides more accurate data on calories burned by using pulse and advanced algorithms that take into account your age and body stats and the intensity of the workout.

  • Heart Rate (Swimming)

    Swimmo measures your pulse from the wrist – there’s no need for chest straps! Control training intensity thanks to real-time feedback.

  • Heart Rate (Other Activities)

    Our heart rate monitor works just as well for runners and cyclists as it does for swimmers and, thanks to integrations, you enrich your results in your favorite app.

Smart Swim Modes

  • Custom Swim Workouts (Goals)

    Choose the number of calories you would like to burn, the distance you would like to swim, or simply the duration of your workout and let Swimmo track your progress.

  • Immediate Smart Feedback Alerts – Heart Rate

    Smart vibrations will inform you when to slow down or speed up, so you maintain your workout at the perfect intensity.

  • Immediate Smart Feedback Alerts – Pace

    Smart vibrations will inform you when to slow down or speed up, so you maintain the right pace during the workout.

  • Immediate Smart Feedback Alerts – Goals/Progress

    Smart vibrations will inform you just before you reach 25, 50, 75 and 100% of your training goal.

Advanced Metrics

  • Lap-by-Lap Times

    See precise times for every lap you swim so you have all the data you need to analyze your workout.

  • Swimming Style Detection

    Thanks to advanced algorithms, the Swimmo watch can detect your stroke type so you can analyze your workouts by comparing the same stroke during different training sessions.

  • Stroke Count

    Perfect for working on your swimming technique, stroke count records how many strokes you take per lap, counting both arms.

  • Stroke Length

    Shows you what distance you swim by stroke helping you make your swim more fluid and efficient.

  • Swim Golf (SWOLF) Efficiency Score

    SWOLF score is a method of measuring your personal efficiency, and better, your technique, by comparing it over time.

Mobile App


  • Integration with Google Fit

    Integrate your swimming results with other metrics in your Google account.

  • Integration with Apple Health

    Integrate your swimming results with other metrics in your Apple Health app.

  • Integration with Strava

    Integrate your swimming results with other metrics in your Strava app.

  • Integration with RunKeeper

    Integrate your swimming results with other metrics in your RunKeeper app.

  • Integration with MapMyFitness apps

    Integrate your swimming results with other metrics in Under Armour / Map My Fitness apps.

Ease-of-Use & Technology

  • Rotate&Tap Intuitive Interface, No Buttons

    Swimmo is so easy to use that it has NO buttons! Control the watch simply by flicking your wrist and tapping the screen thanks to revolutionary Rotate&Tap technology.

  • Workout Sync – Automatic & Wireless

    Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, your workouts will sync with the mobile app automatically and wirelessly without the need for an Internet connection.

  • Future Proof with Auto Updates

    Swimmo is getting more powerful with time. Thanks to auto-updates you'll get all the new features as a simple download.

  • Beautiful OLED Screen

    During your workout, you can watch your progress on a big, colorful screen.

  • Daily Watch - See Current Time & Date

    Swimmo has an accurate date and time display, so you can simply use it as your everyday watch.

  • Workout Sync – via Phone/Mobile App

    Our companion app will display all your synced results just seconds after you start syncing the workout!

  • In English & In Your Local Language

    Swimmo is speaking your language! Our watch is currently available in more than 20 languages.

  • Waterproof Rating

    Swimmo is more than waterproof! Built with water in mind, it is certified waterproof to IPX8 standard.

  • Battery Rechargeable

    Advanced battery and built-in energy saving settings allow you to use Swimmo for 5-7 days before it needs to be recharged.

Swimmo has 35 features to boost your swimming workout! Ready?

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